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Your eCommerce business will certainly not profitable if your product descriptions are original, brief and convincing. It is essential to understand that Google will undoubtedly penalise sites if the product descriptions have been copied from the websites of manufacturers. As the result your ecommerce site page rank will be affected and it means your website traffic will be severely reduced. We ensure that written product descriptions are unique, persuasive and well-spoken.

Indeed, our writers focus on high quality descriptions that effectively describe your products by highlighting its specifications, features and benefits. Most importantly your eCommerce content will be rich in keywords and Search Engine friendly that will enhance your website traffic significantly.

Keywords-Rich Content

We at Writing Hub focus on writing keyword-rich blogs that relates to what you sell or what you do. Believe it or not, this is one of the best ways to drive a steady stream of traffic to your site.

Easily Scannable

Your product description needs to be long to include all the information you need. Therefore, we format it in a way that the buyer can easily scan it.


We ensure to include the product’ purpose, features and technical details appropriately in your product description and be specific about what makes your product so unique.

Sell Yourself

We educate your customers about your product/service that makes it unique. We ensure to utilise every opportunity to emphasise about how great your products are and how you stand apart from the rest.


Once completed your ecommerce content, our chief editor proofread your content to correct any errors and fine-tune your work.

Take a look at the reviews of our delighted customers. At Writing Hub, we achieve outstanding customer satisfaction and retention rate. 81% of our clients are returning customers. Our dedication to providing excellent quality service is what makes our customers use our service over and over again.

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