How To Write An Article Review Effectively

30th May 2017

The main purpose of assigning article reviews is to acquaint students with the professionals’ work in the related field. An article review is an outline and an assessment of other writer’s article. For an appropriate summation, it is very important to understand the key points and arguments of the article. A good review’s significant aspect is the systematic evaluation of the article’s key theme, supporting arguments and implications for future research. Following points offer some tips for writing a good article review:
  • First and foremost you must have a clear picture as to how your article review will be set up. This is even before you start reading the article you will review. This helps in understanding the way to actually read your article to write your review in an effective manner.
  • An article review must summarize as well as evaluate the concerned article.
  • An article review must only respond to the author’s research and must not present any new research.
  • An article review is beyond merely an opinion. You must have an engagement with the text for creating a response to the expert writer’s ideas.
  • You must summarize the article by focussing on the important themes, information and claims.
  • You must discuss the article’s positive facets and at the same time identify the gaps and contradictions in the text, and look for any unanswered questions in the article.
  • You must be able to make a connection between the article you are reading and your existing knowledge on the topic. You must be able to assess whether the article aligns or contradicts with your existing knowledge on the topic.
  • Following points will help you in engaging with the article:
  • Purpose of the article
  • Article’s assumptions or theoretical framework
  • Whether the central concepts are appropriately defined
  • Appropriateness of the evidence
  • Alignment of the article with the literature and field
  • Whether the article aids in advancing the subject knowledge
  • Clarity of the expert’s writing
The most important factor to effective writing of a review is to understand the article. A student must pay careful attention to the meaning of the article and must have a clear and systematic writing structure for the outcome to be a good article review.
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How To Structure An Excellent Introductory Section For Dissertation

30th May 2017

How to structure an excellent introductory section for dissertation?

Dissertations are the most significant part of Master’s Degree program and hence it provides you the best platform to showcase your skills and proficiencies in research project. As introduction is the foremost part of a dissertation, quality and distinction of this section determines the excellence of work. Following tips will assist you to develop an efficient and good-quality introduction for your dissertation.

 In this introductory chapter, you must exemplify the fundamental reasons for selecting research topic and the significance of this investigation in current context. This is not the section to explain the research variables you selected, however you must be able to elucidate the motive for choosing them.

 A clear and distinct research background and rationale must explain your specific focus in this investigation. An introduction to organization background and the most significant facts and figures about the firm selected for investigation is also to be outlined in this section. A brief outline about the method by which you will accomplish this work can also be included in this preface section.

 Explicit and well-defined aims and objectives adds worth to your work. Rather than elongated and extensive statements, short and precise aims and objectives must be developed to clearly represent your research goals.

 An important mistake that students encounter is in the formation of research questions. Most of the students believes that objectives and research questions must be similar. However for an excellent dissertation it must not be identical. Research questions must provide a clear path to accomplish the objectives and hence must be formulated in such a way that a distinct and efficient literature studies can be attained. Thus formulation of objectives and questions illustrates your efficiency in accomplishing this research work.

 Explaining the significance of this work in organizational, your academic and personal perspectives and benefits that will be achieved by completing this dissertation will add value to work. A clear-cut description about the structure of entire dissertation must also be included. Most importantly authentic and trustworthy referencing must be an inevitable part of your work.

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What Must Be Exemplified In A Good-quality Literature Review

30th May 2017

What must be exemplified in a good-quality literature review?

Literature review represents your learning skills in an investigation. Providing a theoretical foundation, an efficient literature study enhances your analytical and assessment skills required for aresearch work. Comparing, contrasting and critically appraising numerous literature works, you must be able to define the significance and necessity of your working title in current context and its association with theoretical perspectives. Some of the key points to be considered during the development of good-quality literature review are discussed below:

 Most of the students misinterpret this section as a portion to simply explain the theories and models associated with the work. However in a good literature review this is not exact format of presentation and must have clear and well-structured flow of ideas with adequate theoretical support.
 With the help of theoretical models and paradigms, you must clearly outline the variables involved in your investigation and the association between them. A clear description on the relation of your investigation with prior works and identification of gaps in previous literatures adds worth to your dissertation. Both positive and negative appraisal on literature studies helps you identify the necessity of your work and thus indicates its importance.
 Including inferences from prior literatures helps you to interpret the relation of your work with prior studies. Determination of conflicts and dilemmas in these works, helps to clearly define the issues associated with your investigation topic. Thus using a detailed critical evaluation of published works you must be able to explain your research problem in a historical and theoretical perspective. 
 A clear and distinct conceptual framework developed on the basis of literature studies adds value to your dissertation.
 Therefore a good-quality literature review must clearly represent what you aim to investigate in your work, identifying the controversies and judgments associated with your research area. Proper citations and referencing styles must also be strictly followed throughout your dissertation work.
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5 Essential Tips For Writing Essays

30th May 2017

5 Essential Tips for Writing Essays

When it comes to writing essays, the job is not as easy as it seems. In addition to covering and conveying bunch of complicated matter you have to trail a set of guidelines for good grade. Knowing the tips for good essay writing will make your job a pleasant experience. Here are some tips for helping you meet this task with ease.
Tip 1
Do not ever COPY PASTE. You may be tempted towards taking the opposed path when all the stresses of work, life and higher education club together but you know how unacceptable plagiarizing is. The risk is not worth the reward and will surely land you in trouble. 
Tip 2
The major mistake students make is not maintaining the same voice throughout the essay. You must stick to the same voice while writing an essay. Do not switch to the second person if you are writing in a third person voice, or vice versa. This is one of the elementary tips of essay writing.
Tip 3
While writing an essay you must follow a serious, business-like tone. It’s important not trying to be funny. You are working towards your higher grade. Having fun in business is admissible but when writing serious contents, you really don’t want to create jokes.
Tip 4
Condense your essay so that it is clear and succinct and meets the required word count. Surprisingly, it’s the simplified and condensed essay (that is easily readable) which will guide you towards scoring the perfect grade than a longer essay with many unneeded words.
Tip 5
The most important and problematic part is the required citations. Your writing of strong essay implies your thorough study of the materials, but you will have to authenticate the whole matter being conveyed by you through credible sources. Most students search for citations while writing an essay – this takes up their whole lot of time and is not the best way. So, the first step is to write your essay and then return to the sources you read and find the citations. This will surely help you finish your essay within stipulated time period.

These small tips will definitely help you succeed in your quest towards good essay writing.

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Quick Guide To Harvard Referencing And Avoid Plagiarism.

30th May 2017

Quick Guide to Harvard Referencing and Avoid Plagiarism....

What is referencing?

Referencing is a system used in the academic community to indicate where ideas, theories, quotes, facts and any other evidence and information used to undertake an assignment, can be found.

Why do I need to reference my work?

To avoid plagiarism, a form of academic theft. 
Referencing your work correctly ensures that you give appropriate credit to the sources and 
authors that you have used to complete your assignment. 
Referencing the sources that you have used for your assignment demonstrates that you 
have undertaken wide-ranging research in order to create your work. 
Referencing your work enables the reader to consult for themselves the same materials that you used

What do I need to reference?

All the information that you have used in your assignment will need to be acknowledged. It is essential to make a note of all the details of the sources that you use for your assignment as you go 
along. Harvard examples in this guide are based on guidance in

NEVILLE, C. (2010) The Complete Guide to Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism. 2nd Ed. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

The basics:

Harvard is known as the Author & Date system:

1. Citations in the text of your assignment should be made following the in-text guidelines given in the examples on the following pages. 
2. A complete list of all the citations used in your text will need to be provided at the end of your assignment. This is called your reference list or bibliography and needs to be presented in 
alphabetical author/originator order.

Harvard is not prescriptive about capitalization of authors’ names in your reference list. If you do wish to use capitals, then the family/surname of authors are only capitalized in this reference list 
and not in the body of your work. If you prefer not to use capitals in this list, that is fine, but you must be consistent in the style you decide to use. Italics & underlining:

Only the title of the source of information is italicized or underlined, but you should choose only one method throughout your assignment and stick to it! Do not use both italics and underlining.

Harvard has no one true style of punctuation so the generally accepted rule (BS ISO 690:2010) is to be consistent with your style of punctuation throughout the whole of your assignment.



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